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Ben Affleck Goes Shirtless and Shows Off Massive Back Tattoo After Claiming It Was Fake this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines Ben Affleck's massive back tattoo that he said was fake is actually real and still very much on his back, and he's finally spoken out about it

When paparazzi shots revealed that Ben Affleck had a massive phoenix tattoo on his back in 2015, the world collectively gasped. The world then breathed a sigh of relief when, during promotion for. Ben Affleck Defends His Massive Back Tattoo After Admitting 'Sentiment Ran Against' It Photos of Ben Affleck's back tattoo were first snapped in December 2015, though he later claimed the ink was fak Ben Affleck's (Officially Real) Back Tattoo Is as Bad as Everyone Says Photographers from People caught the actor vacationing in Hawaii. By Spencer Buell · 3/19/2018, 12:12 p.m Ben Affleck loves his giant back tattoo — even if no one else seems to. The actor made an appearance on Thursday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show,.

Way back in 2000, when Ben was asked about his ink, he responded, I was young. It was fun and cool, he said. I'm sorry now,but it is a good lesson in decisions that have important and long repercussions. If only Ben from 2000 could see Ben from 2015's new Phoenix tattoo, what would he have to say With a tattoo like Ben's, it all comes down to 'owning it' and owning that time in your life. ― Rob Fiore, a traveling tattoo artist at The Wedding Tattooer. 4. Let me first say that as a tattoo artist, I'd like to think that Ben Affleck would go to someone reputable. The tattoo itself represents a time in his life 2. 'The Giant Phoenix' Tattoo Tattoo: The colorful Phoenix Tattoo on Ben's Back is the recent revelation. Meaning: Ben came into notice when his GIANT tattoo was noticed while filming shirtless scenes for his Netflix movie, Triple Frontier.Earlier claiming it to be a fake tattoo, Ben proclaimed later that the Tattoo on his back is original and holds very important meaning for him Ben Affleck arrives for the world premiere Live By Night on January 9, 2017 at the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California. Story highlights The actor had said the tattoo was fak Ben Affleck explained why he loves his controversial back tattoo of a large phoenix rising. Plus, the Oscar winner spoke candidly about being grateful for al..

Ben Affleck Shows Off Massive Back Tattoo He Said Was

Ben Affleck recently showcased his massive back tattoo in public two years after he called it fake, spurring a lot of feelings on Twitter.. Affleck was first photographed sporting the ink, which. Ben Affleck defends his giant back tattoo as he hits out of critics of his 'meaningful' phoenix inking. By Rebecca Lawrence For Mailonline. Published: 05:38 EST, 14 March 2019 | Updated: 10:20 EST. The return of Ben Affleck — and that back tattoo The actor has opened up about the off-screen chaos that stalled his career. Stuart Heritage. Thursday February 20 2020, 12.01am, The Times It's often one of the signs of a midlife crisis. And Jennifer Garner was not pulling any punches when she poked fun at her estranged husband Ben Affleck's new back tattoo in the new issue of. Ben Affleck. Photo: SplashNews Remember the time when Ben Affleck tried to deflect interest in his cartoonishly large, phoenix-rising-from-the-ashes back tattoo because people kept ridiculing him.

Ben Affleck Reveals All: 6 Confessions About Jennifer Garner, Sobriety and That Back Tattoo Ben Affleck is revealing all! See his biggest confessions about Jennifer Garner, sobriety and more in a. Ben Affleck on set Splash News Online The couple announced their divorce the day after their 10th wedding anniversary back in June. They share children Violet, 9, Seraphina , 6, and Samuel , 3

Ben Affleck finally speaks out about that back tattoo

Ben Affleck Loves His Giant Phoenix Back Tattoo, Thank You Very Much It's meaningful to me, the actor told Ellen DeGeneres. The back tattoo became the linchpin of that narrative Jennifer Garner is revealing what she thinks of her estranged husband Ben Affleck's massive back tattoo for the first time!. The 43-year-old Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice actor debuted the.

BEN Affleck has revealed his massive back tattoo once again - despite previously saying it was fake. The 45-year-old was spotted filming in Hawaii when he revealed the huge inking of a phoenix. Ben Affleck has responded to criticisms of his enormous and ugly back tattoo. BEN Affleck has finally responded to the recent criticism of his elaborate back tattoo, and it seems he agrees with. Mar 21, 2018 - Ben Affleck's Back Tattoo refers to ongoing speculation and jokes about Academy Award-winning actor, writer and director Ben Affleck's colorful, phoenix back tattoo Two years ago Ben Affleck told the giant back tattoo he got was fake for a movie. Well, the American actor was spotted by People in Hawai showcasing his ink topless on a beach.. Affleck was pictured on March 17, 2018, during a training session for the upcoming movie Triple Frontier along with Charlie Hunnam, Oscar Issac, and Garrett Hedlund Ben Affleck Shows Off His Massive Back Tattoo for the First Time: Pic! By Elizabeth Stanton‍ 12:00 PM PDT, March 18, 2018 This video is unavailable because we were unable to load a message from.

Superman, Affleck revealed that his controversial full back tattoo is in fact fake (cue gasps), and was actually done for a movie role—which, looking back, we should have known Forget Zayn Malik's head tattoo: Ben Affleck just debuted a piece of artwork that makes Malik's new rose look tiny!While filming his new movie Triple Frontier in Hawaii over the weekend, Affleck was photographed hanging on the beach with co-stars Charlie Hunnam, Oscar Isaac, and Garrett Hedlund. The photos, as obtained by ET, showed off a massive back tattoo that had us doing a double take. BEN Affleck's giant, colourful back tattoo — the one he two years ago insisted was a fake he was wearing for a movie role — is back again That gigantic, rainbow back tattoo Ben Affleck said was fake years ago? It's not. Here are the pics to prove it Justice League actor Ben Affleck was photographed by paparazzi down in Hawaii on Thursday, but nobody was focusing on his beach bod once the photos hit the Internet.. Affleck was spotted shirtless on the beach (he's filming a new movie titled Triple Frontier) with his massive back tattoo on full display.The image inked into his back shows a massive, multi-colored flying phoenix with a tail.

Ben Affleck Lied About Real Fake Phoenix Back Tattoo

  1. Ben Affleck admitted he enjoyed screwing with us about whether his back tattoo, of a phoenix rising from the ashes, was real or fake
  2. Ben Affleck Reveals All: 6 Confessions About Jennifer Garner, Sobriety and That Back Tattoo According to Ben Affleck , honesty is the best policy. It's no secret that the Hollywood actor has had.
  3. Ben Affleck is like a phoenix rising from the ashes or at least his back is.. Affleck was spotted on set this week with a giant tattoo on his back and most people figured it was just for the.
  4. Ben Affleck, if you haven't heard, has a very large, colorful back tattoo.It appears to show a phoenix rising from the ashes. And people on Twitter are mocking it with glee. Ben Affleck's back.

Ben Affleck Defends His Massive Back Tattoo: 'I Love It

Ben Affleck's (Officially Real) Back Tattoo Is as Bad as

Ben Affleck's New Back Tattoo. Thread starter BWoog; Start date Mar 17, 2018; Forums. Discussion. I like Charizard too but I'm not sure I'd get a back tattoo of him . WrenchNinja. Member. Oct 25, 2017 11,052 Canada. Mar 17, 2018 #25 They can edit it out in post . HStallion. Member. Oct 25, 2017 36,740. Mar 17, 201 Ben Affleck shows off huge back tattoo, while Justin Bieber teases smaller tat. Dec. 11, 2015, 1:11 PM UTC / Source: TODAY. By Ree Hines. Ben Affleck has a number of tattoos scattered across his.

Video: Ben Affleck Says His Phoenix Back Tattoo Is Real and

Ben Affleck's Tattoos and What They Mean - [2020 Celebrity

Ben Affleck's large and controversial back tattoo has been cause for a lot of conversation since as early as 2016. Photos of the tattoo -- which depicts a multicolored phoenix and was compared to. Ben Affleck Loves His Massive Back Tattoo, Even If You Don't The ink has been making headlines for over three years Alissa Schulman 03/14/2019. Ben Affleck is opening up about.

Is Ben Affleck's Back Tattoo Really That Bad? Tattoo

Ben Affleck had previously said that his back tattoo was a fake. Hollywood star Ben Affleck has come to the defence of his controversial back tattoo and says it represents something important Ben Affleck claims huge phoenix back tattoo is fake Ben Affleck claims his massive phoenix back tattoo is a fake. The 'tattoo' was not a hit with either of his high-profile former partners Ben Affleck's Back Tattoo refers to ongoing speculation and jokes about Academy Award-winning actor, writer and director Ben Affleck's colorful, phoenix back tattoo. Origin. On July 7th, 2015, a picture of Ben Affleck getting into a car revealed a portion of a back tattoo

Ben Affleck is officially an ink fan! The 43-year-old actor was spotted on the set of his film Live By Night in Los Angeles earlier this week and his massive back tattoo was on full display Remember back in July when those photos of Ben Affleck with a lower back tattoo hit the Internet? Well, we're getting another, more in-depth look at Ben's ink — and it's pretty impressive. The. Mario also asked Ben about his infamous back tattoo, Isn't this a shitty tattoo? I don't have a tattoo but I imagine someone of Ben Affleck's pull can get a better artist than the one who did this piece. Sargerus. The Fallen. Oct 25, 2017 10,576. Mar 18, 2018 #14 The sad Ben Affleck meme has hit peak sadness lately, so much so that The New Yorker recently published a piece titled The Great Sadness of Ben Affleck, indicating that his sadness has now attained the symbolic stature worthy of a short story by the magazine's legendary literary ilk.. The short essay was prompted by recent paparazzi photos revealing a colorful, sprawling tattoo on his back.

Ben Affleck is coming clean about why he lied about his massive back tattoo being fake for a movie before admitting it was real years later. I resented that somebody got a picture of it by. Ben Affleck arrives at The Project Greenlight season 4 winning film The Leisure Class, Aug. 10, 2015 in Los Angeles. — -- False alarm! Ben Affleck said that massive back tattoo he was seen.

Ben Affleck flashes enormous back tattoo of colorfulBen Affleck Has Huge, Colorful New Back Tattoo of PhoenixForget 'Batman v Superman,' We're Pitting Ben Affleck v

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Ben Affleck's massive back tattoo mocked - CN

Ex-Batman Star Ben Affleck Loves His Controversial Back Tattoo Even If You Don't by Mike Annerino on March 14, 2019 Batman actor Ben Affleck isn't holding back about his feelings regarding. Ben Affleck is telling haters of his very large back tattoo where to go in the nicest way possible. The Triple Frontier star addressed the ink on a recent episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.The. Ben Affleck is telling haters of his very large back tattoo to Argo (bleep) yourself in the nicest way possible. The Triple Frontier star addressed the ink on Thursday's episode of The Ellen.

Ben Affleck Loves His Back Tattoo - YouTub

View Ben Affleck reveals his back tattoo while on the set of his new movie 'Live By Night,' Dec. 8, 2015 in Los Angeles. pictures and other See Ben Affleck's Colorful Back Tattoo photos at ABC New Athena Tattoo Forest Tattoo who made seven appearances for Forest in 2015, is set to do so himself with his new side. Football is a religion here, said 100 forest tattoo designs For men - masculine tree ink ideas Forest tattoos unlock incredible natural wonders within the parlor, and guys of humble origins can exuberantly amp. March 14 (upi) -ben Affleck says he's personally very. The year was 2016, and Ben Affleck was sad.He was separating from Jennifer Garner, Batman v Superman was being decimated by critics, and a paparazzi photo that appeared to depict his hideous new tattoo had gone viral.The enormous rainbow phoenix was potent in its midlife crisis symbolism, and people were not very nice about it.So, during the Batman v Superman press junket, Affleck. Affleck, Oscar-winning writer, director of the Oscar-winning Argo, better actor than you remember — and, yes, alcoholic, divorcé and proud possessor of a mythical back tattoo — has four.

Ben Affleck On His Back Tattoo - YouTub

No one would accuse Ben Affleck of being a man of great taste. After all, we're talking about the guy who chose to star in Daredevil and Gigli in the same year. But even critics of Affleck's creative choices had to be shocked this week as it was revealed that his monstrous back tattoo— which he had previously claimed was fake —is both very real and very terrible Ben Affleck has an enormous phoenix tattoo on his back and it's real, according to several reports out Friday. The Oscar winner inadvertently showcased the massive tat -- a colorful phoenix. According to Ben Affleck, honesty is the best policy.It's no secret that the Hollywood actor has had his fair share of headlines in recent years. From his public divorce with Jennifer Garner to struggle with sobriety, the A-list star has had highs and lows for millions to judge and comment on. But as the actor gears up for a jam-packed year including the March 6 release of The Way Back, Ben is. Ben Affleck's back tattoo is, and I'm saying this without hyperbole, one of the funniest goddamn things I've ever seen in my entire life. Holy moly. What a wonderful gift to all of us this is A s far as crazy Hollywood tattoos go, Ben Affleck's back tattoo of a phoenix is infamous. But he's not giving up on defending it any time soon. The Argo star opened up about the tattoo on.

A Tattoo Artist Decodes Ben Affleck's Giant Back Ta

Ben Affleck has a massive back tattoo, and it's magnificent. We got our first glimpse of Ben's massive back tattoo in 2015, when a stalker — I mean paparazzi photographer— snapped a shot of it poking out of Ben's shirt. And his jeans. Immediately I was intrigued Say what you want about his back tattoo, but Ben Affleck is doing just fine, thank you very much. On Thursday, Affleck took to Twitter to respond to a New Yorker article that essentially called. Turns Out Ben Affleck's Massive Back Tattoo Is Indeed Real Ben Affleck Breaks Down What Men, Himself Included, Need To Do Better Jennifer Garner Breaks Silence On Split From Ben Affleck Ben Affleck Has Spoken On Twitter About His Back Tattoo And Who Even Knew He Had Twitter! WELL FOLKS, IT HAS HAPPENED! The New Yorker shared this article about Ben Affleck being sad

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Ben Affleck Seen With Back Tattoo Years After Calling It Fak

Minor faith in Ben Affleck restored.. During an press interview for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice — Affleck plays Batman — with Extra TV, the actor confirmed the massive back tattoo of a. Ben Affleck has a tattoo on his back. Reporters first noticed it in July, after someone photographed what appeared to be dragon tail peeking out from under his shirt Ben Affleck's rising phoenix back tattoo is something of a legend as in, it's legendary for making people cringe. When Affleck's ex-wife Jennifer Garner caught wind of the enormous marking. Ben Affleck was spotted in Los Angeles earlier this week on the set of his new movie Live By Night sporting a back tattoo. A giant back tattoo. Of something that resembles a winged fantastical. Ben Affleck Explains Why He Lied About His Back Tattoo Being Fake The Way Back star opened up to The New York Times about why he'd felt compelled to hide the truth

A Tattoo Artist Decodes Ben Affleck's Back Tattoo

One of which was, What is your honest opinion of Ben Affleck's phoenix back tattoo? (Look for it around the 1:15 mark.) It's awful, JLo exclaimed about the massive ink Jennifer Garner has some strong words about Ben Affleck's giant back tattoo Garner opened up in a new cover story. Jennifer Garner -REUTERS SHARE TWEET 29 COMMENTS By. Dialynn. Ben Affleck knows you've been mocking his giant back tattoo. The A-lister does not seem to like talking about personal topics, unless he's being forced to while doing promotion for a movie

Matt Damon Reacts to Ben Affleck's Massive Back Tattoo

Ben Affleck Got A Giant Back Tattoo Of A Mythological Creature. Morgan Baila. Photo: Matt Baron/BEI/REX Shutterstock. Could it be that Ben Affleck has seen Harry Potter and the Order of the. Ben Affleck defends that big, 'awful' phoenix tattoo on his back Actor tells Ellen DeGeneres that tattoo is 'very meaningful to me It's one of my favorite pieces of celebrity trivia: Ben Affleck, a two-time Oscar winner, has a giant tattoo of a phoenix on his back. The Argo director was initially hesitant to discuss his ink.

Ben Affleck & Ana de Armas Step Out Together in L

Ben Affleck's Giant Back Tattoo Is Real and It's

We're less than a week shy of the one-year anniversary of the day everything changed. Yes, it's been a year since photos of Ben Affleck's back tattoo hit the web, bridging divides both political and ideological as everyone agreed that it was terrible. His buddy, Matt Damon, snickered about it, while Affleck's ex, Jennifer Lopez, called it awful When we first saw the giant tattoo adorning the entire back of Ben Affleck, the iced coffee fanatic initially claimed the massive phoenix-rising-from-the-ashes design was merely for a movie. Eventually, his exes Jennifer Garner and Jennifer Lopez delivered sweet burns about the tat, and after a 2018 New Yorker essay, the actor tweeted that he was fine and had Thick skin bolstered by.

Ben Affleck may have tried to remove the public's awareness of his giant back tattoo, but it just keeps coming up again like. The world could not stop talking about Ben Affleck's massive phoenix tattoo back in 2015, thanks to all the pictures clicked by paparazzi. However, when Ben announced that it was fake and he. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Ben Affleck's massive back tattoo has faced many adversities in its tortured existence. It was once meant to be a sign of healing during a point of great pain. Ben Affleck's back tattoo: SPOILER ALERT. Tap to reveal. Click to reveal. TID/BACKGRID Told ya. Tap to reveal. Click to reveal. TID / BACKGRID And now, you are in the know: ABC ABC Share This Articl

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The weirdest part of the Ben Affleck back tattoo is that he lied saying it was for a role AND THOUGHT WE WOULDNT FIND OUT — Sophia Benoit (@1followernodad) March 19, 2018 What could Ben Affleck regret more than Gigli?His new back tattoo. Perhaps not wanting to be outdone by Adam Levine's unfortunate new back ink, Affleck is sporting a full back tattoo of a Phoenix. To promote his newest movie, Triple Frontier, Ben Affleck appeared as a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. He ended up discussing his large phoenix back tattoo Ben Affleck pokes fun at his garish back tattoo At least Ben Affleck can laugh at himself. I actually do have a number of tattoos, Affleck fibbed in 2016

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