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Severus Snape was born 9 January, 1960 to Eileen Prince, a pure-blood witch, and Tobias Snape, a Muggle, making him a half-blood wizard. Severus, whose father was neglectful and possibly even violent, began to identify with his mother's family and created a secret nickname from his mother's maiden name, calling himself the Half-Blood Prince Author J.K. Rowling has recently revealed the inspiration for the first name of the character, Severus Snape, in her bestselling Harry Potter series.. After a fan tweeted Rowling asking about the Elephant House in Edinburgh, a cafe dubbed the birthplace of Harry Potter, the author replied that while she spent a good deal of time writing there, it was not exactly the birthplace for the series Severus Snape, a middle name is unknown. The actor who played him is Alan Rickman Last weekend, Rowling shared a photo of a road sign reading Severus Road S.W. 11 and revealed that the sign was the real-life inspiration for Snape's name, though it wasn't until after. Severus Tobias Snape. His mum Eileen Prince gave him his fathers first name as a middlename which his humerous considering it's hinted his father neglected him and fought with his mother a lot. Snape uses Prince later on for his nickname (The Half Blood Prince) but everyone knows that bit

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Severus Tobias Snape. Played by Alan Rickman. I assume you meant real name, and if you mean in the movie, the actor playing snape is Alan Rickman, a personal choice of Rowlings Severus Snape real name is Alan Rickman Pomona Sprout real name is Miriam Margolyes Sybill Trelawney real name is Emma Thompson. List of Hogwarts Students Characters Real Names. Hannah Abbott real name is Charlotte Skeoch Marcus Belby real name is Robert Knox Katie Bell real name is Emily Dal

JK Rowling Reveals the Secret Origin of Severus Snape's Name

Some names for things are purely invented, while others are taken from existing words. I also collect unusual names, and I take them from all sorts of different places, she mentioned in a 2000 interview. Such is the case with Severus Snape, whose last name Rowling took from an actual place in England The name Severus lived on further in the series as Rowling chose to name an adult Harry's youngest son Albus Severus, after both Albus Dumbledore and Snape. This content is imported from Twitter

No. Severus would not give his daughter the name of his great love. He didn't like when Dumbledore spoke Lily's name and talked about her after her death so he wouldn't do that, because that would be too painful. He wouldn't have kids, but if he had I supposed that the girl's name would be unusual like Severus Snape is Name. Das Englische Wort severe bedeutet hart, streng (von lat.: severus = streng/ernst.Zum Nachnamen: Engl. to snap bedeutet zubeißen, jemanden zerbrechen, und engl.to Snipe = aus dem Hinterhalt schießen.. Anmerkung. In einem Gespräch auf Potter Cast im Dezember 2007 hat die Autorin bestätigt, dass Severus Snape zwar als Erstklässler und Verehrer schwarz-magischer Herrschaftstheorien zu. Harry Potter Author Reveals Real-Life Inspiration Behind Snape's First Name. J.K. Rowling has shown exactly where she got the name Severus for the Harry Potter serie Snape was called 'Snivellus', which was a play off his real name, 'Severus'. This was a mean nickname that James Potter and his friends called him, which increased Snape's dislike for them. This is one of the examples of James and his buddies bullying Severus

Harry Potter är en serie fantasyromaner av författaren J.K. Rowling, som började ges ut 1997 och avslutades 2007. Böckerna har gjort stor succé, med översättningar till 73 språk och försäljningssiffror på över 450 miljoner exemplar i hela världen. [1] De svenska översättningarna har gjorts av Lena Fries-Gedin.Efter framgången har böckerna också filmatiserats, med Daniel. Severus Snape was Potions Master, Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, and Head of Slytherin at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry; he succeeded Dumbledore as Headmaster. He was personally killed by Lord Voldemort and his snake, Nagini. Snape was a conundrum to all who know him: sarcastic and hard on his most vulnerable students, [

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Severus Snape was born 9 January, 1951 to Eileen Prince, a pure-blood witch, and Tobias Snape, a Muggle, making him a half-blood wizard.Severus, whose father was neglectful and possibly even violent, began to identify with his mother's family and created a secret nickname from his mother's maiden name, calling himself the Half-Blood Prince File:Young Lily and Severus.jpg. Severus Snape was born 9 January, 1960 to Eileen Prince, a pure-blood witch, and Tobias Snape, a Muggle, making him a half-blood wizard. Severus, whose father was emotionally vacant, began to identify with his mother's family and created a secret nickname from his mother's maiden name, calling himself the Half Blood Prince But somebody else had spoken Snape's name, quite softly. Severus . . . The sound frightened Harry beyond anything he had experienced all evening. For the first time, Dumbledore was pleading. Snape gazed for a moment at Dumbledore, and there was revulsion and hatred etched in the harsh lines of his face. Severus . . . please . . Severus. Name Related Names Related Ratings Comments Namesakes. 76% Rating. Save. Gender Masculine. Usage Ancient Roman. Meaning & History. Roman family name meaning stern in Latin. This name was borne by several early saints Today's video i compare two Harry Potter wands - The Noble Collection Severus Snape wand replica VS a eBay Severus Snape wand replica. Is it really worth it,..

Ich finde es interessant dass der name Severus am 8.Januar Namenstag hat aber Severus Snape am 9. Januar Geburtstag hat. Der Name Severus ist außergewöhnlich aber auch, in meinen Augen bzw. Ohren, Wunderschön. Severus klingt in allen Altersgruppen schön, für ein junges Kind würde Sev süss klingen J.K. Rowling Reveals the Origin of Snape's Name in the Harry Potter Saga. Severus Snape is perhaps one of the most intriguing characters in the Harry Potter saga. Until now, many fans believed. Severus Snape, also known as the Half-Blood Prince, is a major character of theHarry Potter franchise. Snape appears as a thin man with sallow skin, long greasy black hair, a hooked nose and black eyes. He also dresses in a flowing black robe. Originally making his debut inSorcerer's Stone, he revealed his ambitious side as the titular main antagonist ofHalf-Blood Prince. His loyalty was. These amazing Snape memes show that Severus Snape was the real hero of the Harry Potter series, as he made the ultimate sacrifice to save the world. By Rebecca Maloof Sep 02, 2020. Share Share Tweet Email. 0. Comment. The Harry Potter series brought to life many complicated and complex characters Septimus Severus was a little known Roman Emperor who had several ancient buildings named after him. This name was also given to several saints. Despite it's history, anyone who hears this name will think of the book character first. And Severus Snape is not the most appealing character. He is not as good looking, or as cool, as Alan Rickman

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Severus Snape- A real life Mr. Darcy. I do not own Harry Potter in any way. A/N- I'm currently on a Pride & Prejudice thing right now. I was watching it the other day and I thought, 'Darcy acts a lot like Snape'. Another thing, Sian's name is pronounced sigh-on. Severus Snape walked thru the streets of Chicago's wizarding town The Real Reason Harry Potter Named including why the adult Harry Potter would name one of his sons after Severus Snape, the user asked @jk_rowling Why did you pick Snape to name Harry's.

Because Severus Snape was the reason why he was still alive and able to marry and have children in the first place. And because Snape had given up his life, his goals and his happiness in order to play a double-agent for almost twenty years, at en.. Severus Snape is one of the most divisive characters in the entire Harry Potter series.; He was a double agent, so many character details were kept a secret, and little is known about his life. Overview []. Severus Snape is the Potions teacher at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He is also the Head of Slytherin House, and briefly served as Headmaster in book 7. Although Snape is a former Death Eater, Professor Dumbledore places his utmost faith in Snape's loyalty, though exactly why he trusts him so implicitly is initially unknown A quiz that will determine just how Severus Snape you are! Think you can live up to one of the greatest headmasters Hogwarts has ever seen

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Severus goes out for a walk outside Hogwarts in the snow he needed somewhere to be alone after hearing that very soon that Harry Potter will start Hogwarts, but a walk isn't the only thing Severus does as he finds something or someone that will change he life. Severus Snape x reader Finding Out My Real Name Alan Rickman dead: How the late actor hid Professor Snape's story arc from everyone 'No I can't do that - I know what is going to happen and you don't *Uploaded here by the original YouTube creator so viewers of blocked/unavailable countries can view* RIP Alan Rickman, February 21 1946 - January 14, 2016. Severus Snape's most important scenes and arcs in the Harry Potter film series in chronological order, from meeting Lily to his memory living on in a name..

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  1. Severus Snape was originally created by JK Rowling for her Harry Potter book series, making his first appearance in the first book of the series, Real Name: Severus Snape. Real Name
  2. 9) Albus Severus isn't the only name Snape inspired Snape is often described as pale and rather crabby, to put it lightly. So the most recent bearer of his name, the Harryplax severus , is a.
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  4. How well do u know Snape? This quiz has 10 questions, other than this one but, what house are you
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I'm not very creative and can't really see nicknames fitting Severus, so the best I could come up with was Snappy. Coz he's a smart dresser, it sounds like a cute version of his last name and he can be impatient and snap at people. I also like snaperdoodles and sevycake as coined by link in one of her posts in the Severus Snape Wal Now, though these are real names, there are full names too. Ginny's full ( real name ) is Ginerva Weasley. Albus Dumbledore's full name is, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. And for that, I think the real, full names of others have not been mentioned. If the whole above thing is not what you want, and you actually meant the actors' names. Severus Snape is the potions teacher at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He is known for his long, dark black hair, and stern personality. He is a tough teacher. He doesn't seem to like Harry, Ron and Hermione very much, because they are always getting into trouble. Severus Snape, portrayed by Alan Rickman, has a height of 6'1 (1.85 m)

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But Snape has good reasons to believe he was framed and goes to visit him to discover the real truth behind these events. ** There will be no Horcruxes, Voldemort died for sure in this AU. ** In this story some facts are slightly different from the cannon, considering Snape is a woman and wasn't a Death Eater J.K. Rowling has dropped some more hints on Twitter about why Harry chose to name his second son Albus Severus Potter. Snape is all grey. We're using cookies to improve your experience The name Severus is a boy's name meaning stern.. Though it has literary credentials--making an appearance in Jane Austen's Mansfield Park and as the mean-spirited teacher Severus Snape in the Harry Potter books, most modern parents would find it too--well--severe

Severus Snape (January 9, 1960 - May 2, 1998) was the Potions Master, Defense Against The Dark Arts, and Headmaster at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He helped in the war against Lord Voldemort , covertly relaying information to Albus Dumbledore and The Order of the Phoenix You can chat with Real Severus Snape here. Ask to Real Severus Snape whatever you want. Talk to Real Severus Snape online right now. Chat with Real Severus Snape's chatbot is very easy and funn Severus Snape. An old friend, someone who he felt would understand him more than most in any given moment. He quickly made his way, excusing himself as he pushed passed a few other patrons to make his way over to the other Slytherin alumni. — Severus. Regulus started, voice just loud enough for the other man to hear This severus snape foto contains calle, escena de la ciudad, entorno urbano, configuración de la escena de calle, ciudad, and urbano. There might also be carro cubierto, carro del conestoga, conestoga, carro de la pradera, pradera goleta, wagon cubierto, goleta de la pradera, carromato conestoga wagon conestoga, carro de pradera, pradera schooner, casa de la fila, casa de la ciudad, casa. Severus Snape POV. When Hermione and harry and Ron had there blocks took off. I couldn't believe I was starting to remember more and everything all .of this year's I had to go how without know the truth then .it was time for me and the others that came with the 3 to have blocks and spells and most returned for some reason we knew that there was definitely something going on need to figure out.

Severus Snape (9. januar 1960 - 2. maj 1998) er en fiktiv person fra Harry Potter-universet, der er medlem af fakultetet på troldmandsskolen Hogwarts.Han er overhoved på Slytherin-kollegiet og eliksir-lærer indtil Harry Potters 6. skoleår, hvor han bliver lærer i Forsvar mod Mørkets Kræfter. Året efter fungerer han som rektor for skolen i en kortere periode When she died, Snape knew that Harry would be vulnerable, and he vowed to protect him on Harry's mom's behalf. Harry goes on to name his Albus, Severus Potter, after Dumbledore and Snape. As I said, I always found Snape to be an interesting character, because we never knew too much about him His name's Albus Severus. Simultaneously, Dumbeldore's and Snape's jaws dropped. I figure you're see a bit of them once they start school, Harry added, acknowledging with slight expected awkwardness, that there were tears welling up in the bearded man's eyes. They like to cause trouble

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They have real-life meetings where they take turns channeling the spirit of Snape so they can have wedding ceremonies with him. In the mid to late 2000s, Snapewives were the object of Harry. Read (Young) Severus Snape~ from the story Harry Potter- One Shots Severus started to pump in and out faster every time you said his name. You started to scratch Severus' back making him groan and Sirius said. James punched Sirius in the arm and Sirius fell over holding his arm in pain saying, that was real. It's real. I am confuse

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Before Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them came out, it seemed like the story's only real Potter connection would be Newt Scamander's relation to Luna Lovegood and a Dumbledore name-drop. Severus Snape x Reader - You are back. A/N: Finally with a new Compute I'll upload a tons of requests you sent to me guys. Thanks for your patients. This was requested by anon. Hope you enjoy it. Special thank to my beta reader @true-queen-of-mischief ^^ Requestes are open JK Rowling reveals why Harry Potter named his son after Snape Independent culture newsletter The best in film, music, TV & radio straight to your inbox every wee

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snape This Severus Rogue photo contains rue, scène de ville, milieu urbain, ville, scène, urbain, cadre, and mise en scène de rue. There might also be wagon couvert, wagon conestoga, conestoga, prairie wagon, prairie schooner, wagon des prairies, goéland des prairies, bâché, chariot de conestoga, wagon de prairie, maison en rangée, maison de ville, and chuck wagon Alan Rickman was born on a council estate in Acton, West London, to Margaret Doreen Rose (Bartlett)... Born: February 21, 1946 Died: January 14, 2016 (age 69

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'Harry Potter': Snape Star Alan Rickman Told Story's EndHarry Potter Characters Real Names with their Photographs

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Real name for this character. Aliases: Half-Blood Prince Severus Snape Professor Snape Snivellus. Half-Blood Prince Severus Snape Professor Snape Snivellus. Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing A walk inside Snape's memories transformed him in Harry's mind from sniping Potions master to 'the bravest man he ever knew'. We take a closer look at the chapter from Deathly Hallows that changed everything. 'The Prince's Tale' Professor Snape is dead on Voldemort's orders, and Harry saw it all. In his dying moments, he told Harry to take his memories and look at him one last. - fully realized authentic likeness of severus snape in the movie of harry potter and the half blood prince - with accurate facial expression and detailed skin texture - each head sculpt is specially hand-painted and rooting hair. 1. four (4) sets of interchangeable hands including: - one (1) pair of open hands - one (1) right hand for. Severus Snape übernimmt (wie mit Dumbledore vorher abgesprochen) diese Aufgabe und tötet Dumbledore mit dem Avada-Kedavra-Fluch. Weil er Dumbledore entwaffnet hat, wird Draco unwissentlich zum wahren Besitzer des Elderstabes ( Elder Wand , wörtlich: Älterer Zauberstab und/oder Holunderzauberstab) Severus Snape was one of the most complex characters in the Harry Potter series. He was a half-blood wizard serving as Potions Master, Defence Against the Dark Arts professor, and Headmaster of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as well as a member of the Order of the Phoenix and a Death Eater. His double life played an extremely important role in both of the Wizarding Wars against.

Harry Potter author had surprising inspiration for Snape's

The always divisive Severus Snape had us guessing right until the very end about whose side he was really on - right into those climactic final chapters of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.Although we now understand Snape's twisted and complicated story, here's a few extra things about him that you may not have known Joe Moses, Actor: A Very Potter Sequel. Joe Moses first rose to internet stardom portraying Severus Snape in Starkid Production's A Very Potter Musical. He is the creator of the viral sensation The Potion Master's Corner and The Joe Moses One-Man Showses (JMOMS). Since it's original run in August of 2011, the ever-changing JMOMS has consistently sold out theatres in NYC and across the.

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Severus Snape:--mediocre, arrogant as his father, a determined rule-breaker, delighted to find himself famous, attention-seeking and impertinent-- Albus Dumbledore: You see what you expect to see, Severus. Other teachers report that the boy is modest, likable and reasonably talented. Personally, I find him an engaging child H arry Potter named his son after the character Professor Severus Snape in tribute to him dying for for Harry out of love for Lily [Potter],JK Rowling revealed on Friday.. The Harry Potter. The Snapewives, also known as Snapeists, are women in Harry Potter fandom who believe that they channel Severus Snape (allow his spirit to inhabit their bodies and speak to him), are engaged in romantic relationships with him, and see him as a vital spiritual guide for their daily lives. They practice Snapeism, a quasi-religion centered on Snape

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Snape's changed because he loved Lily (note that her name is Lily not Lilian) and had done for many years - since they were 11 years old. It changed because she died, after Dumbledore had said he would protect them and their protection failed. You may want to read (or reread) the books to understand this and the character's proper names May 25, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Melissa Perincheril. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres

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the real heir. kirasnapeaddict:. HC: Severus Snape was strong and powerful enough to follow them both in their footsteps: Voldemort and Dumbledore Okay, so, if you read the books, you know that Snape and Lily stopped talking in their later years at Hogwarts, because darling Severus accidentally called Lily a Mudblood. And then, they graduated and she didn't give him another thought for the rest of her short life. Lily gave birth to Harry when she was 20. She hadn't even SEEN Snape in 3 years The first name Severus, comes from a street sign in Clapham. Real Harry Potter inspiration alert: I walked past this sign every day on my way to work when I was living in Clapham . Much later - post-publication - I revisited the area & suddenly realised THIS was why 'Severus' had leapt into my head when thinking of a 1st name for Snape Unlikely Love: Severus Snape x Reader (Hi darlings! This is my first imagine and I couldn't think of anything, sorry if its bad! Please request!) Your seventh year at Hogwarts approached, almost all..

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